SCAC 2015-2016 Workshop Schedule

2015-2016 Workshop Schedule
2015-2016 Workshop Schedule

The Telling Trees Project and “A-Z” Books Recognized

The Stone County Economic Development Partnership (SCEDP) nominated “The Telling Trees Project” and the “A-Z” books for the Mississippi Urban Forestry Award for Commercial and Community Development. Receiving the Award from the Mississippi Forestry Commission are Sandra Kirke representing SCEDP and Kathryn Lewis representing The Telling Trees.

Sandra Kirke, SCEDP, and Kathryn Lewis, The Telling Trees
Sandra Kirke, SCEDP, and Kathryn Lewis, The Telling Trees

Coming Soon – A Mural Celebrating Stone County Produce

Kathryn Lewis recently had an incredible experience working with a class of 9th graders at Stone High School this semester. These students just finished a wonderful project celebrating Stone County’s history while fulfilling a Common Core objective.  An outcome of this project will be the next Mural of Stone County which will celebrate the fruits and vegetables produced here.

Notes of interest from the initial planning for the mural:
  • There are approximately 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables produced by Stone County farmers for sale. Some of this produced is donated to our food pantry at some time during the year for free distribution to the needy.
  • This will be another painted mural of a farmer and the produce. The farmer will be generic representing all races, sexes, and creeds that call Stone County home.
  • Each participating student’s fingerprints will be placed in the farmer or produce to create the visual effect.
  • We are working on the idea of creating the image with professional artist, student artists, and the classroom students dedicated to this project.
Kathryn noted these are “amazing students!!” and thanks them for celebrating this place called home!


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