Murals of Stone County

The Telling Trees realized early that the stories must be told even if the “teller could not be there” to personally share the story.

From this realization evolved The Murals of Stone County. The murals celebrate the people of Stone County: who they are, where they live, and the culture, industry, and habitat that are Stone County’s foundation.  They celebrate the p’s of Stone County – people, pickles, paper, pine, paper, poles, pecans, paper chips, pellets, and pottery. They tell how the virgin pine forests of the area were and are the life blood of the Stone County economy (the source of turpentine, paper chips and wood pellets, poles, and lumber) and of when Wiggins was home to the largest pickle factory in the world! To date twenty-six murals are complete, an additional one planned honoring Stone County’s veterans is funded, and others are yet in the planning phase.

The Murals of Stone County are either mosaic tile or painted. They are found everywhere across the county – Blaylock Park, the “Dizzy Dean” Welcome Center on Highway 49, every county school as well as the Perkinston Campus of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, churches, libraries, post offices. A couple of the murals travel throughout South Mississippi telling Stone County’s story where ever they go.

Artists include Pat and Nancilee Bodine, Sandra Cassibry, Kym Garraway, Nancy Ria, Elizabeth Veglia, MGCCC visual and graphic art students, Stone County school students, and Stone County citizens.

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