Mission: Improve the quality of life through the Arts.

Goal: To promote and improve historical and/or cultural art awareness through involvement, learning, and appreciation opportunities in all art forms.


Promote Public Awareness for the Arts

  1. Compose a local artists’ roster and directory
  2. Create advocacy opportunities for all art forms (performing & non-performing)
  3. Create and/or provide public art and display spaces

Promote Arts Education

  1. Research and present the Importance of Arts in Education (development of whole student, multiple intelligences, learning styles, critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, student motivation, positive self-concept/esteem, parent/student/community involvement)
  2. Provide hands-on, interactive opportunities in the arts for students of all ages to promote literacy
  3. Provide Arts Related Professional Development Opportunities for Artists, Educators, and Community Members

Support the Arts

  1. Create opportunities and resources for artists/artisans and community
  2. Help generate funding to support arts (membership dues, grant writing, and fundraisers)

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