Moon Pine Trees

Stone County residents made history when they were a part, with Astronaut Stuart Roosa on Apollo 14, of a forestry experiment. Astronaut Roosa carried various seedlings into space with him to orbit the moon. Some of these seedlings found their way back to Mississippi. The “Moon Pine Trees” are the 2nd, and 3rd generation trees that have been planted in honor of Stone County residents John Guthrie and Bill Mauldin (now deceased) who, as their stories tell, had a part in the sending of pine seedlings into orbit and cultivated those seedlings into second and third generation trees. These photos show the presentation of one of these trees to Bill and Dolores Mauldin. It is planted on the grounds of the George Austin McHenry House in McHenry, Mississippi. The tree given in honor of John Guthrie was planted in Blaylock Park in Wiggins, Mississippi.

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